Domain-specific Languages for Graphics, Imaging, and Beyond


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Jonathan Ragan-Kelley

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Gilbert Bernstein (TA)

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Final Projects

Initial project proposal presentation

On Thursday, November 12th, we will spend class giving each group a chance to present their planned project. The goal for this exercise is to give you an initial deadline to develop a concrete initial understanding of what you’re working on, and a concrete plan for how you’re going to pursue it.

In class, each group will have 10 minutes to give a short slide presentation on their project. This should be roughly split between two key parts:

  1. A concrete, clear description of the project.
    • What is it? We want this to be a concrete discussion, ideally based on preliminary actual work. For example, what initial language primitives are you thinking about, or what did initial benchmarks of something tell you?
    • What do you hope to show?
    • Why is it interesting, challenging, or important?
  2. A proposed project plan, including a timeline for the rest of the quarter.
    • What are the major tasks and results you intend to pursue?
    • How will you break them down?
    • How are you planning to divide responsibility within your team?

Your ultimate work can deviate as you dig deeper and progress. That’s fine (and expected). But it’s still very valuable to force yourself to get concrete early so we can all be sure you’re on a good path.